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nasiona białej fasoli

We offer beans. We generally sell them in 25 kg, 50 kg and 100 kg packages.

Our product range includes the following varieties of beans:

  • “Jaś Tyczny”: 40-45/100g, 45-50/100g

“Jaś Tyczny” bean is characteristic for its sweet taste and buttery texture.

  • “Jaś Karłowy” 60-70/100g, 70-80/100g, 80-90/100g, 90-100/100g, 100-110/100g, 100-120/100g
  • “Drobna Igołomska”

“Drobna Igołomska” bean is white with a cylindrical shape.

  • Dark Red Kidney

It is characteristic for its delicate flavour.

  • Navy ( Pea Beans)
  • Black

Black beans are considered the healthiest of the leguminous vegetables thanks to their high fibre and magnesium content.

  • Cranberry

Beans with an oval shape and a light pink or light beige colour.

  • Mung

The beans are green in colour, turning brown during cooking. A rich source of easily digestible protein.

What are the health benefits of beans?

The benefits of eating beans were known as far back as ancient times. The dried bean powder was sprinkled on diseased areas of the skin. In turn, decoctions and extracts helped prevent diabetes.

In folk medicine, the vegetable is used for kidney and bladder diseases, hypertension and gout. Beans also have anti-cancer effects. In addition, they are helpful for menopause-related ailments and some rheumatic and skin diseases. Beans can also boost the body’s immune system and improve metabolism.