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nasiona ciecierzycy

We offer lentils. We guarantee high quality.

Our product range includes the following lentils:

  • green

They are characterised by a strong, distinctive flavour. Ideal for salads and pâtés.

  • yellow

It is the most delicate and finest variety of lentils. They fall apart easily when cooked. Yellow lentils are often used in soups. They combine perfectly with vegetables and spices.

  • brown

Brown lentils are unpurified red lentils. They are red inside, while their cover varies from khaki to dark brown. Brown lentils make an excellent addition to pâtés, chops and bread.

Who should eat lentils?

Lentils are especially recommended for people who want to stay slim and fit and for diabetics, as they have a low glycaemic index. They can also be very beneficial for pregnant women, due to their folic acid and iron content. In addition, the presence of potassium makes lentils a must-have menu item for people with hypertension.